Sunday, May 27, 2012

Amy's Blocks for Shauna

I must admit that sewing circles terrifies me....I finally decided that I couldn't put these blocks off any longer and tackled them. And, lo and behold, I survived! I will even go so far as to say I ENJOYED sewing circles! Not perfect, but I will definitely sew circles again.

I decided on orange after seeing the rainbow of colors popping up. It was screaming summer to me-Jennifer you are not the only one with summer on your mind! All the fabrics are from my local quilt store. Unfortunately I have no idea who made them. I think my favorite is the orange with the suns and the gray that looks like clouds!

Thank you Shauna for the challenge! These will be in the mail to you on Tuesday.

Amy (USA)


  1. I like your choice of orange Amy, especially the fabric with the little white flowers. Pretty!

  2. Hi Amy, I love your orange fabrics too...they are all so summery! Are the grays hand dyed? (Your reference that you do not know who made them.) They all have such interesting textures and I like your idea of sun with clouds. :-)

    1. I am not sure if they are hand dyed or not. I purchased them as fatquarters and the manufacturer's info was not included. I think the darkest gray is a batik-it had the feel and texture of it.

  3. I love these blocks, the final quilt is going to be bright and bold. There is a great diversity of grey fabric. I found one grey fabric which I partcularly like and Shauna commented on. It looks vintage and has trees on it. In fact I ordered it on line (Cotton & Color, in Switzerland)and there a little cats sitting under the trees (cute), it's a Japanese fabric.
    Jennifer, I have found a nice little patchwork shop in Aigle but it is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Have you got a favourite local shop?

  4. Orange! My daughters favourite colour. I especially like the orange with tiny white flowers :) I now have a full spectrum...the rest will be added colour. Your circles look wonderful. Bright and bold. Thank you. I am looking forward to receiving these blocks soon....touching the fabrics and playing with arrangement. Exciting. Shauna