Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amy's (Canada) Squares for Shauna

I had finished these squares up until the very last step at the beginning of the month... Shauna helped me with the fabric selection- a definite bonus of having a fellow Stasher nearby! Juliette and I finished up the sewing today! Can't wait until next month!


  1. Hi Amy, Seeing Juliette wrapped up in your blocks gave me a good laugh at the start of my day. She is so sweet! Your blocks are lovely too. I am thinking about the variety of fabrics that are going to be in Shauna's quilt. There has been such diversity in the fabric pattern choices this month! And yes, I am excited too for Friday to see what project you have planned for us for June.

  2. I love the model. Juliette looks very happy being wrapped in fabric. So cute!

  3. Thank you Amy! Love your model. Sweet. I am really excited and anxious to see how all these circle come together. Love the blues :) Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for June. Chat soon and thanks again,
    Shauna :)

  4. Beautiful!! I love the aqua colours...and Juliette's smile!! Her smile and your circles really pop in the photos! Shauna's quilt is going to look so amazing when it's put together!