Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hayley's blocks for Amy and Shauna

Hello Everyone I hope you are all having a great week-end

I am a little behind in posting my April block for Amy on here. Its been done for almost a month and should be almost at its new home by now! This block challenged the heck out of me, but after all the cutting I think it came together nicely.

Last night I got to working on Shauna's blocks. When I first saw her tutorial I was shaking in my boots thinking...OH MY CIRCLES NOT CIRCLES. However, when I read through her excellent instructions a second time I thought I might not be that hard. The blocks went together nicely and even after cutting and sewing them back together I still had circles...LOL I was pretty amazed by that.

I hope both blocks are okay. Thank you both for the challenge!



  1. Both blocks look fantastic! Can't wait to see mine in person! Your block for Shauna gives me hope that I will be successful too!

  2. Beautiful work on both of them Hayley! I especially like the bright orange center ring on Amy's block, it really emphasizes the squares and triangles. I see too that you used three different solids on Shauna's block. Do you have a preference when it comes to choosing prints or solids? Have you ever made a quilt just using solids? Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Thank you Amy!

    Jennifer. For some reason I have mainly solids in my little stash and especially in my fav colours blue and grey I have done one quilt that was all solids, but I am trying to get a little more patterns

  4. Grey is such an interesting background colour. I like your combination of blue and grey, Hayley. You've got me thinking about my use of solids... :)

  5. Hayley - Thank you for your circle blocks!! Sorry I did not respond sooner, we have been away at our cottage and I have been off line for a week. Great to log on and see a new block. I am looking forward to seeing it in person. And you did it!! You created circles beautifully. Thanks again :) Shauna