Saturday, May 26, 2012

Linsay's block for Shauna

May has been a busy month for me.  Flora turned 13 at the beginning of the month so we had a trip to the cinema and a celebration sleepover for some of her friends.  Arabella and Flora both went on a school trip to London for 5 days and, while they were there, I took the opportunity to go and visit my brother and his family in Scotland.  His children are 6, 4, and 2 so the household is busy and noisy.  The children are great fun and once they were all in bed it was nice to have a glass of wine and a chat with my brother and his wife.
Today I made Shauna's blocks.  This is a very satisfying block to make.  I had a look at all the comments on the blog before I started and I thought that no-one had done green circles so I chose green.  I am going to post them on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday here for Pentecost.  I think it probably takes five or six days to get to Canada.
I recruited the dog to act as my model this month.  I thought that his grey coat would blend well with the block.  His name is Zephyr and he is a whippet.  The sun is shining here today and I have my washing drying outside and it seemed a good place to show all 4 blocks together.
Thanks Shauna, great block to make. 


  1. Hi Linsay, Cute model! It has been a crazy busy month hasn't it? It's so fun to have little ones in the house. All of my nieces (and one nephew) are almost all grown up now but I will always remember the fun and non stop action of having them around (the little girls playing dress up for hours in old hats, jewelry, scarves, etc. is one of the best memories!) Anyway, I'm glad you found some time to sew too. I think I see a batik print in your blocks? It looks like the cool green/blue water of the Mediterranean (I have summer on the brain right now)! Do you have a favorite place to shop for fabric (online or locally)?

  2. Linsay - Sounds like you had busy but fun filled month. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. A teenager! I love your green circles. Your dog makes a very handsome model :)I especially love the grey stone looking fabric and the grey with trees (where did you find this one?). The one green reminds me of a vintage sheet (I love vintage). Looking forward to seeing your blocks in person. So exciting to be on the receiving end of this bee and seeing new circles pop up. I am really excited and curious to see how this will all come together. Thank You!


  3. Linsay, Love, love the photo with your dog. He's gorgeous!!! And so are your fresh green circles :)