Sunday, June 17, 2012

Loving the Love block!

Amy! I did it...I managed to squeeze in the block this weekend, because the next one is full already... I guess this one was full too. I tried to make it wonky and even used some of your fabric stash that I picked up at Genevieve's...I love that aquamarine blue on navy combination. I will pop it by soon...let me know when you're back from Montreal!

My love block photo was just taken outside on a very grey and muggy southwestern Ontario day...that is my perennial bed and you can just see the tips of the last few rhubarb stalks...any day now, they will wilt and the raspberries will turn red. Today, it rained on my laundry twice, and the laundry never really managed to shed its wet, so I just popped it into the dryer...but I did manage to sneak this photo in before the next downpour.

I have also started to work up my own February "International Stashes" colour block quilt. I decided I needed 5 more colour blocks to make it big enough for a queen-size quilt, sooo...I'm busy making some more, and then...and then...and then... It will be a busy summer of sewing!

Love to all of you...this is a wonderful way to bend the brain, ignite the creativity, and feel connected to more than those with whom I share my day-to-day. I love the feeling that our network extends across the globe... and I hope we continue this on as a tradition year to year. Can't wait to see what July has in store.


  1. Katy - your block turned out fantastically! Giggled at your story about the laundry. I would be more than happy to sew up another block for you if you want. I too love the network that we have created and hope it continues to grow and flourish. Happy day.

  2. I love your block! This quilt is going to be fantastic! I love the network we have developed too!
    Amy (USA)

  3. Beautiful work Katy! I especially love the "O" and the different shapes of fabrics which were created when you made it. Your green green backyard is gorgeous! Your clothesline reminds me of a story...My dear friend Chris (from our bee) came to visit me in New Mexico one summer when she was still teaching here in Switzerland. She would never put any wet clothes in the dryer but instead rigged up a clothesline out of some heavy string on my mom's back patio. Now anytime I go back home I set up the same drying system and everything dries in the hot New Mexico sun! We definitely don't have to worry about too many downpours there!

  4. So pretty! I can't wait to see it first hand. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

  5. Loving this contemporary design. Every block is like a piece of art. And loving the stories and insights from each post, such fun...and oh yes my friend Jennifer, I remember that washing day in NM very well :)) Nice work Katy! What a beautiful lush garden to display your work.