Tuesday, June 19, 2012

School Quilts

Hooray! This week Meg and I both finished our quilts for our school's 50th Anniversary. Tickets are being sold to raffle them off on the last day of school. The money will go towards an art project to reflect the 50th Anniversary. This is the fifth year we have worked on raffle quilts and the students still love it. They are so excited to see who will win!

Do you remember the blog post from a few months ago showing the students designing their blocks?

Here are the finished versions:

The birthday quilt...

...and the beach party quilt.

Meg and I also worked on a quilt with just a few students to hang "forever" alongside a quilt that was made for the 25th Anniversary of the school:

See the cute Swiss cow details:

The 25th Anniversary Quilt...there were no markings of who made it. My mom is always saying, "Label your quilts!" this is why!

Both quilts hanging together in an upstairs foyer of the primary section of the school.

I just wanted to share another photo of a quilt that was made 10 years ago for International Day. The students painted the blocks and my mom sewed them together. This quilt is tied. On one of her visits my mom spent days and many many hours tying all of those hundreds of knots!!

With Meg leaving this year I think I am all "quilted out" with quilts for school.  
I think we need to begin a new decorating tradition at the school!

Have a good day everyone!

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