Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

Hi Everybody!

Well, it has been a VERY long time since I've posted anything, although I have checked in every week to admire all the beautiful work.

As some of you may know by now, we moved to Toronto in late June.  We're settling in really well -- I absolutely love our new house -- but it has been a crazy kind of summer.  An irony is that when I was trying to get my sister to join this group, she finally decided against it, thinking that she wasn't sure she would be able to get the blocks finished on time each month.  Since I didn't know we were moving, I felt cheerful and optimistic that MY blocks would always be out the door EARLY.  In fact, I've had a heck of a time keeping up with things, mostly because my machine was in transit for a long time, then didn't work for almost two months after it arrived. (Jennifer has been so gracious and helpful -- she put together my May, June and July blocks then mailed them for me!)

But, I picked my Bernina up last night from the shop, finally humming along on North American voltage.  I also had it tuned up, cleaned, etc...and I must say, it feels like whole new machine.  I didn't realize how anxious I felt about it until I turned it on this morning and in no time flat, stitched up Chris' and Linsay's blocks:

I have to laugh; no matter how hard I try to be "wonky", I'm just a straight line kinda gal!  I felt so free, whacking away at that aqua and red fabric.  And look at those perfect lines!  I guess it is just a little bit crazy that the small squares don't exactly line up;)  The monkey fabric is very precious to me since it was in the baby quilt I made for my older son.  I thought of it right away when I saw Chris' color scheme.  

Linsay's block, of course, put me right back in precision heaven.  I struggled a bit choosing fabrics because I really wanted to respect her desire not to have any two of the same in the whole quilt.  Hopefully these weren't chosen by others too!  The block isn't nearly as dark as it seems in the picture --  I only have one bare lightbulb hanging in my sewing space right now and it was casting some funny shadows.

So....I'm off to the post office this afternoon.  Thanks to all of you who have been patient, waiting for my blocks over the summer, and of course, an enormous thanks to Jennifer!  Looking forward to seeing the October block!  xo Meg


  1. Hi Meg, So glad to have you back with us again and I know you must be thrilled to have your machine with you and working like new. You might be "a straight line kinda gal" but that pink and red fabric with the aqua spider web in Linsay's block is WILD!! Please tell us the story of where it came from...very groovy! What have you used it for in the past?

  2. Hello Meg, welcome back!! Thank you so much, I love your blocks. And will treasure them all the more knowing that your monkey fabric is very dear to you. I love that fabric can have so many stories and connections to us fabric-loving-types!

  3. Welcome back Meg! And welcome to Canada! Maybe you'll be able to make the next "local" get-together and we can finally meet. I love your blocks...and am inspired by your commitment to precision quilting! I aim to be more precise...not just in my quilting life!

  4. Wonderful blocks! Welcome to Canada, hoping we'll see you at one of our next quilting nights. :)
    I love the pink swirls with aqua lines in you block for Linsay!

  5. Meg, I will join you back in the saddle soon! Hope we will meet in person soon. Thanks for posting your work. I used the same dandelion seed type fabric. My son had some of that same monkey fabric in a quilt of his. Love.