Monday, September 24, 2012

Waterloo International Stashes Meetup

Four members (Genevieve, Shauna, Michaela and Amy) met up tonight to work on Linsay's square. We shared fabric and scissors, had a night chat about our summers and shared a glass of wine. We missed Katy and Meg had planned on making the trek to meet and join us, but the pesky 401 highway traffic kept her away! We hope she can make it to next month's meeting. Genevieve told us what to expect and we are looking forward to having her do a tutorial for us! (The notebook is Shauna's. Hope you don't mind I shared it! I love the fabric swatches!)


  1. Hi Girls, Fun to see photos of you all together again, thanks for sharing. Meg is wonderful and I know you will love meeting her. I'm curious, is that part of Genevieve's October block that I see in the last photo? :-))
    Pretty block Amy! I love the orange flower cutout from the bandana fabric.

  2. PS: Shauna, I love the journal. Many years from now, you will be so glad you kept all of those notes and fabric scraps. What a treasure!

  3. How great that you can all get-together...
    Amy, what fun colours and fabrics.

  4. Missed you gals... I love the block, Amy. I can see you shine through it. I need to paint one of my rooms that colour, by the is so cheerful!

  5. Had a great time! It's nice there's a little group of us so close together. Amy, your block turned out great!
    Looking forward to posting my block in the next couple of days...