Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up on blocks

Hi All-
I finally got my new sewing room unpacked and ready to go (well at least enough to sew). I appreciate Chris' patience in my getting the August blocks done! Thanks so much! And Linsay's block was a lot of fun to put together-especially digging through my scraps to find fabrics. Both months' blocks will be in the mail tomorrow!

After painting and getting new floors put in, I am finally able to sew!  I made a design wall out of foam insulation board and quilt batting...only problem is that I have already filled it and need another! I got the idea from Ellison Lane Quilts and Oh!Fransson. Very easy to put together! I am still trying to figure out where to put things on the wall and what to do with my fabric stash-shelving of some sort...just so excited to have this wonderful space to work in! 


  1. Oh thank you Amy! Very excited to see your post :) I love the variety of strips in your blocks. They are great. And lucky you, having a room all to yourself for sewing and inspiration. That's a lovely view from your sewing table :)

  2. Hi Amy, I am very jealous of your dedicated sewing room with lots of space and light!! There are some great photos online of quilting studio organization, I dream of one of these beautiful rooms for my future! Currently, I have several IKEA bookshelves for my fabric, I like being able to easily see everything that I have available to work with instead of having fabric in drawers. My sewing space is in our "multi-purpose room" which also has computer desks and sports equipment. I manage. (And then I have many under bed storage units for big pieces of fabric that I have bought on sale for quilt backings.) I know you will have lots fun creating in that glorious room!! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Amy, The room looks great and so do the blocks. Everytime someone posts a picture of the block they have made for me I get really excited. I can hardly wait for them to arrive in the post. Thank you very much.

  4. Amy... wow...I'm so envious of your sewing room. It looks like you have a beautiful spot. And I really love the design wall you've made. Thanks for sharing a window into your world.

  5. Your blocks are beautiful. I love your space! :)