Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hayley's Block for Chris

Hello Everyone!

I just realized that I forgot to post a picture of my blocks!! 
These blocks should be called the hunt for aqua in Saskatchewan! I had one charm square left in aqua and had ordered more online as soon as Chris posted about the block. However, according to the tracking info they gave me my order went to Manitoba, then Nova Scotia and then back to Manitoba. From there it went to Quebec back to Nova Scotia and back to Manitoba. 

While my fabric was hopping around Canada I searched at 5 different quilting stores in the province and not one had aqua. So I waited and waited and almost a full month later it arrived in Saskatchewan on the 27 After all of that guess what I didn't find in my order......AQUA...LOL They sent one of the 4 different aqua fabrics I had ordered

So long story short here are my blocks. It was late Wednesday night when I got them done so its not the greatest picture. I don't even think I had ironed the final seams when I took the

Can't wait to see then all together!



  1. Oh thank you Hayley, love your blocks despite the fabric mishap :)) Love the aqua daisy fabric. Thanks for all your work to track down some aqua for my quilt....!!

  2. Wow! Those are some well travelled fabrics...and now on they go to Australia. My favorite fabric is also the aqua daisy. Hayley, I like seeing the photos from your "Mrs. Pickles" blog of all the beautiful things that are coming from your garden too.