Monday, September 3, 2012

Katy's Blocks for Chris...

Chris, my apologies for the late send. The month of August was just a blur for me, and my sewing was ignored. I did spend some time early in the month choosing my fabrics for your blocks, and they are a combination I never would have been drawn to on my own, but after working with them, it is all I want to do - I will definitely repeat this mix of colours to build a quilt that is fresh and clean and aesthetically calming. I loved loved loved this month's design... After holidays and work and kids and the last days of summer that occupied most of August, I finally got to sit down today and piece the two blocks together. I hope they fit with your vision. I would have wanted to hang them on the line and take a photo...but it's dark out, so the glare of the flash interferes a bit with the real colours but this is them. And they should arrive soon. I will post them tomorrow. Maybe some of the warmth (33degC here today) will come visit your winter down under :)         love, Katy


  1. Hi Katy, many thanks for your blocks...and no worries at all about the timing. I'm glad you've been out enjoying your summer:) Your blocks are super creative, love the interesting angles and shapes, and combination of fabrics. I'm very excited to start the next step of the quilting process and will keep you all posted! Our winters are pretty mild really but will happily accept some warmer weather from Canada :))

  2. Hi Katy, Welcome back! Hope you had a fun summer, it sounds like it was very busy. I love the "new configuration" (Nancy Crow talk!) that the dark red in your first block makes (the sideways T connects with the bottom triangle).