Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our 100th Post!

Hello Girls! Today we can celebrate our 100th post for the International Stashes Blog. Tonight I will raise a glass of wine to toast all of you! Thank you for all you have contributed so far.

I thought this would be a perfect occasion to tell you that I hope we can continue on for another year! I think back to Katy's 25 patch block and how Meg had to give me a tutorial on how to cut perfect squares and then forward to Amy's Octogon and Hayley's Carpenter's Star and what a challenge it was for me to piece those gorgeous blocks together. I know I have grown a little bit smarter with each block I have made...and I have had fun making every single one. I also want to continue for selfish reasons...I want another gorgeous quilt of my own! I use my January quilt every night now to curl up in on the couch after dinner. And of course for friendship. As we are all so incredibly busy with work and family, this group is something that I can belong to and thoroughly enjoy from the comfort of my own home and with lots of flexibility!

So I invite you all back for another year. If you can let me know by December 1st if you are able to stay with us in 2013 that would make it easy for me to update us and make a smooth transition into January.

I am still planning on a charity quilt for December. At this website: you can scroll down to "Blocks by Size." Click on 12" and choose a block to make (it will be 12.5" unfinished). Or if there is another 12.5" block that you like, you can make that too. Please use the colors in this fabric:

cream, white, black & white, red, orange, aqua, olive green, yellow
You don't need to have all 8 colors in one block! ;-)

fabrics can be a combination of solids and prints

You can also ignore all of this information. I will post it again in December, but just to give you a heads up since December can be so busy. Feel free to make one or two blocks, whatever works for you.
After the blocks are made, I will sew them together. Then my mom's quilt group in New Mexico will quilt it for us (those ladies are AMAZING quilters!) and it will be given to a domestic abuse shelter or to a local cancer outreach.

I hope you are all well this weekend and I look forward to all of our next projects.



  1. I'm in Jennifer!! I was hoping you'd want to continue...and I really appreciate your efforts organising us, motivating us, and always being on the ball when it comes to responding to posts. You are an inspiration, and I'm sooo grateful for the fellowship we share in the 'online' world. You're right, it is a busy life we all lead, but this is a little window of calm, creativity, and friendship. I raise my glass to another year, to more creativity, and more learning too! I've stretched my sewing self this year and I am so grateful for all that I'm learning from everyone. I will definitely have a glass of wine in our honour tonight! xo Katy

  2. 100 posts!?!?! WOW! I am so grateful to be included in this group. I look forward to each new block! Thanks again Jennifer!

  3. Hi Jennifer -- I'm absolutely in for another year! I'm so happy you want to do it again, and I completely agree with everything you've said about both the skill enhancement and the friendships. I'm thrilled too that you are willing to keep managing us! Let me know if anyone drops out because I think my sister really would like to join. xo Meg

  4. I'm in too! I can't wait to see what is next! I love sharing my love for sewing and fabric with local and international ladies. A fun outlet. Looking forward to another year!

  5. What a lovely positive group...thanks to all and of course a very big thank you to you Jennifer for managing us and bringing us together in the first place!! Although I would love more time for my sewing and quilting wishlist, I'm enjoying our friendship too much and of course the joy of learning new skills every month. Merci Jennifer, I'd love to continue along next year :)

  6. I was hoping that everyone would want to keep going for a second year. I love this group and look forward to the start of each month when we have a new project. I would like to thank Jennifer too for her enthusiasm and great organisation. I love the charity quilt plan too.

  7. Jennifer - I would love to continue on in January! Thank you for your leadership and your positive, encouraging comments. I love being a part of this inspirational group of women. Looking forward to another year together. Ditto to the above comments. :)Shauna