Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up

 Hello Hello! I am back at my machine and excited to share my two new blocks. Linsay and Chris, thanks for your patience.

The snowballs came together quite nicely. The top left fabric was leftover from a dress I made for Megan when she was 2. The bottom right owl fabric came from a pair of boxers. The middle green and blue fabric was a piece from Katy (thank you) and I noticed that Katy and I have included the same fabric (this was not planned). Can you find it? The middle right fabric came from a quilt I made for a girlfriend when she got married around 14 years ago. Hope you enjoy, Linsay :)

I loved the freedom of putting these two blocks together. I love "freeform sewing".  I had all the reds in my stash and thanks to Micaela acquired some lovely aquas to match. The lighter blue an old fabric that I received from my neighbours mothers stash. This blue is one of my favourites and shows up in a lot of random projects of mine. Hope you enjoy, Chris :)


  1. Hi Shauna, It's so nice to hear from you again! It's fun to know a few stories too about your various fabrics. I love the dark and light green circle fabric that you used in "my" January quilt block too. You made really good contrasts between your fabrics in Linsay's block.There is nice variation between flat and bright shades of aqua in Chris' block. Once again I LOVE your wood floor (or is that a table?) I remember commenting on it in one of your first posts!

  2. Oh thank you, thank you Shauna!! Love your work. The combination of your reds and aquas work really well together. I can't wait to lie all the blocks out together and 'play' around with them.

  3. Oops, think that was meant to be'lay' not 'lie'.... :)

  4. Hi Shauna, The blocks all look lovely. The contrast between the different colours really works well. It does not matter at all that you used the same fabric as Katy. When I finish a quilt I never point out any of the errors that I have made and no-one ever notices them, so I am completely sure that no-one will ever notice two fabrics the same. I love the stories behind the fabrics. Thank-you, Linsay.