Monday, October 1, 2012

February blocks coming together...

Girls! Here's a peek at the February quilt top coming together. I ran out of white, so am waiting to finish three of the edges, and I need more of my backing fabric, but it is slowly taking shape! I will machine quilt this one...stitching in the ditch along the block edges to start, and then I saw a really neat design that looks like 'half moons' in each of the small blocks within blocks. We'll see how well the machine sewing goes, and how much stamina I have. Amy and I met yesterday at our local quilting shop (um...that is a generous word to describe the store... it is a hodgepodge of weird offerings and odd deals, and a huge selection of fabric at the back of the warehouse). We decided on a polyester batting but now I'm waffling and wonder if I should splurge on the 'quilter's dream'... I've used warm and natural before for all of my flannel quilts and know it sews really smoothly. I will let you know what I end up doing!

So, here's the top! My 'design wall' is the bookshelf in our family room...

And here's the backing fabric... It is from the 'piece o cake' line from Robert Kaufman, and has a very vintage 50s feel to it. I love the yellow and blue on white. The quilt feels like it will be at home in a cottage bedroom. Fresh and cheerful and smelling like summer.

And now for your advice, what do you think would look good as the binding? I was leaning towards a bright blue to match the blue in the back. Solid? Striped? I welcome your artistic ideas.


  1. Hi Katy, I love it, it's so colorful! It must be fun to study it up close and see all those 100s of different fabrics. I say splurge and go with Warm and Natural or with Dream Cotton. The very first quilt I made was filled with polyester and it still pills! (That was unsolicited advice, sorry!) How about striped orange or red for the binding? Looking forward to seeing it completed!

  2. Katy! I love how you have put this together. I definitely think you should bind it in blue. A small polk-a-dot might be neat? In my opinion, Warm and Natural is great if you are machine quilting but tough to hand quilt. When washed, the warm and natural gives it an "old fashioned" type look. Missed you at our gathering. xo Shauna

  3. Katy, it's gorgeous! Amazing to see your quilt come together. I love the brightness of colours and especially like your choice of fabric for the backing. What fun! Love the vintage feel. I was thinking that a blue stripe for your binding might work well, complimenting your backing as well as highlighting the beauty of the blocks. Oh, so many choices to make....good luck :)