Thursday, October 25, 2012

International Stashes Meeting: Switzerland

Today was such a fun day! I met up with Linsay this morning and she kindly gave me a hands-on tutorial on sewing together hexagons. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea and the view from her dining room table as we worked:

Her adorable doggie kept us company:

Then I came home and finished. I thought I would like working this way, and now I can say I love it! Genevieve, thanks for introducing me (us) to hexagons and hand stitching! I will have your pieces in the mail tomorrow:

While at Linsay's I got to know more about our lovely bee member. I'm sure she would be too humble to share, so I will brag on her a bit. She is making 22 lined vests (!!!!) for the band at the school of  her daughters. They will be used for a holiday program:

Lindsay has so many beautiful quilted pieces around her home, each one has a wonderful story behind it. This piece I just loved...she made it while living in Australia. The picture does not do it justice, there are so many fabrics, techniques, and other little bits to study and enjoy:

I also got to take a sneak peek at the blocks that we all made for Linsay in September. They are vibrant together and I know Linsay will add her magic touch and have another unique quilt to add to her collection.
Thanks Linsay for a great day!

PS: Book Recommendation
My Hega-go-go book arrived! If you have enjoyed sitting and sewing together hexagons, 
this book is full of fresh and fun new ideas!
Hexa go go

 Tacha Bruecher


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day! The block looks awsome! I love the fabrics you chose.
    Linsay - your quilt and vests are fantastic!


  2. It was a lovely morning of chatting, drinking tea and sewing. All the things that I love doing. This quilt group has brought me more fun and friends than I could have imagined this time last year. I thought that the whole online group idea sounded good but in fact it has been great. Thanks for coming round Jennifer, it was lovely.

  3. Great to have a glimpse into the life of Linsay :) So very nice of you to make that many vest for your daughters school band! A grand undertaking. Jennifer, I love the green flannels you used for your hex's. Cheers, Shauna