Monday, October 29, 2012

Question for Genevieve

Unfortunately I am still having difficulty printing off the template...ugh. I also realized that I do not have your address! I am planning to try a few different ways to print off the templates again and may just make them like Meg described. So sorry they will probably be a few days late. We are having MAJOR difficulties with the home we moved into in July and have been tied up with contractor after contractor and now an attorney. I will get the hexagons done and sent to you as quickly as possible! Thank you for understanding!
Amy (USA)


  1. sorry to hear you are having problems with the hexies and with your new place! With the hexies I found that when I unclicked the "fit to page" option that they were the correct size when I printed them...otherwise they were a bit too small. I hope that helps!

    1. Amy, no worries. Try what Mrs Pickles suggested. I am also happy to mail some hexagons out to you if you need me to.
      I'll send an email with my address out to you once I get onto the computer. Sorry you are having problems with the house! Hope you get it all sorted soon.
      Don't worry about being late, I can guarantee you I won't be putting this together in the next few weeks. ;). Hoping to get it done by January!