Friday, November 30, 2012

December Bee Project

Hello Everyone! Here we are at the end of our first year! As I'm sure you all remember, this month we are going to make a quilt to give away. We will all make a block or two and I will sew them all together to make a sampler quilt. My mom's quilt group in New Mexico will take the top, layer it, do the quilting, and then give it to one of the local groups that they support: domestic abuse, cancer outreach, or natural disaster relief (usually forest fire or flood related).

You actually have two months to get this project finished. If it is OK with everyone, I will take the January slot again. Then you can send the blocks together for both December and January.

Here are the details:

I used the colors in this fabric for inspiration: cream, white, black & white, red, orange, aqua, olive green, yellow. You don't need to have all 8 colors in one block! ;-) Fabrics can be a combination of prints and solids.

At this website: you can scroll down to "Blocks by Size." Click on 12" and choose a block (or two!) to make (it will be 12.5" unfinished). Or if there is another 12.5" block that you like from another source, you can make that too.

I've been working on a few this week to get us started:

It has been interesting to search through and find some easy, traditional blocks and to visualize what they will look like in more modern fabrics and then actually create them. I hope you enjoy looking through all of the choices available. Also, if there is one of the blocks that I made here in this photo that you also want to make, feel free! It won't matter if there are two of the same blocks.

I wish you all a happy holiday season!



  1. I love your modern fabrics...great peicing.

  2. SOOO exciting Jennifer! I can't wait to get started on this. But I must admit I have to first finish Micaela's block! November and December are super busy around here, but over the holidays I have some time set aside for a date with my sewing machine to get many projects finished and some started...these will be top on my list. I am planning on trying the bear paw pattern, one I've often seen and liked and wondered how it would look with more modern fabrics. Thanks again for all of your organisation and motivation. I can't believe we're coming up on one year! xxo