Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Micaela's block

Hi all-
I made the Kaleidoscope blocks this morning and will send them soon....but somehow once again I do not have your address Micaela. Unfortunately I can't find the usb cord to download pictures from my camera to the computer! UGH! I also have the Octagonal Rainbows quilt top done! I am so excited to show it to all of you....once I find that darn cord....
Here is a link to the Kaleidoscope quilt that I made during the QAL with Don't Call Me Betsy. I made it for my daughter's bed.
Amy (USA)

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  1. Amy, the Kaleidoscope quilt is gorgeous!! I love the blues in the middle surrounded by the reds and corals...that took some planning! Find that cord soon, I can't wait to see the Octagonal Rainbows!