Saturday, December 29, 2012

January 2013: A Winter Quilt for Jennifer

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!
Let's get started...
Hopefully by now you have received a little package of fabric from me in the mail. My idea for January is a quilt with winter motifs: snow people  snowflakes, mittens, hot cocoa, etc. These are some of the fabrics I have sent out:
(click photos to enlarge)
I also like the idea of a sampler quilt. I have used the block patterns available for free on the McCall's website:
I have chosen blocks from this site that have snowflake-like qualities. I would like for you to choose two of the blocks from below to make using mainly the fabrics I have sent. If needed, you can add fabrics (solids or prints) from your stash that are in keeping with winter (not Christmas). 

Colors: various shades of white (bright white, off white, white on white fabrics, cream) as well as various shades of red, green, blue, and black & white fabrics. Please pre-wash any fabrics that you use.  (For those of you in Canada and Australia, the fabrics I sent are already washed.)

It is absolutely fine, to save time, if you cut double the pieces needed 
and make two of the same block.

Please choose two from these:

I also like these from Cabin Fever Quilters' Guild
Fairbanks, Alaska:
Broken Star
Four Directions Star

I have made a start with these nine blocks. If you see a block here that you also want to make, that is fine!

I am very excited about this quilt and hope that you have fun discovering some new block patterns. If you have any questions, please let me know. 
Thanks for helping me to make a colorful and happy new quilt!
PS: You don't need to send any extra fabric back to me unless you don't think you would ever use it! Simply add remaining fabric to your stash.


  1. I received my fabric today-great prints... and I like the choice of blocks!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed with your organisation Jennifer!! I have a notice my fabric is waiting at the post office, though I now won't be able to get it till Wednesday. I think I've already picked my stars. Thanks so much for such an exciting start to the year. Happy New Year!!

  3. This quilt is going to be fun! Thanks for organizing all of this!

  4. I am excited to make a trip to the post office in the near future. Great idea and very organized! Now what stars am I going to sew up..hmmm..Hope you are well and happy new year :)

  5. Happy New year everyone! Thank you Jennifer, your fabrics have made it Down Under. I'm going to enjoy selecting blocks with your fabrics in mind.