Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sick Day!

I had big plans for today. I had a list of errands, the girls were all booked in at the daycare at the gym, and then... Evie got sick! Plans canceled. Instead of waking up to a sick child, I was awoken with "who let the dogs out" at the top of her lungs... So, we had a day in, the girls played nicely, the baby napped as she was supposed to, and I finished my January/Charity blocks! For the charity blocks, (I admit, I went for the easy ones), I chose to repeat the square I did for the previous charity quilt. I loved how the solids and print boldly played off of each other. I used all prints this time, and varied the black and white fabric (I didn't have enough of the bold polka dot, but I really like how it turned out- the polka dots seem to draw your eye to the center and the corners, and the softer black and white allow yours eyes to rest). I also varied the blue fabric in the second square, also due to lack of yardage, but I think it makes what could be a boring square into one a bit more interesting. And on to Jennifer's squares... I really like how they turned out! I wasn't sure, but I think I chose the right prints for each part. I think the boldness of the red in the first one stands out even with the brightness of the green. I like how the white allows the red and blue to pop. And... I am rather impressed with how neat MOST of my corners are. This past year has really trained me to more of a perfectionist (notice how I say more of one...) and it has really helped me visualize how to arrange my fabrics. A great start to this year of quilting!!!

Amy (Canada)


  1. Sick Kiddos are no fun! But the quilt squares look great!

  2. Wow, Amy, you've been busy! I particularly like your use of black and white in the charity quilt block. Jennifer's blocks are effective too. I like the red and green fabrics together.

  3. Wow!! Love them all Amy! On the January blocks, the green and white background created a very interesting effect for the red and white snowflakes. I also like the blue center in the second block contrasted with the red and white. Yea! So fun to see the start of my quilt! Thank you!
    For the charity blocks, I also love the interesting effect of the big dots contrasted with the smaller b & w print.
    Glad you made the most of your Plan B!