Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anthea's blocks for Jennifer

After feeling incredibly daunted by this project - all those little triangles, all those little squares, all those tricky joins, I am now feeling pretty pleased with myself - my first ever blocks.  I hope they are ok for you Jennifer.  It was lots of fun and I am tempted to continue making more and more.  Obviously a sign that I had better gets stuck into a project of my own.

I cut the first one (Star within a Star) out with Chris one evening and I can see why patchwork can be a sociable hobby.  The bottom star in the photo below is the Morning Star.

I confess to unpicking the first attempt at Star within a Star to try and fix some truncations of the little black triangles and misalignment of the red corners.  It is still not perfect and I have now a sincere respect for those that can connect the various shapes perfectly at neat junctions.

For the next block I tried to choose a block where I could use all of the fabrics you sent me Jennifer and so I chose the Morning Star (below).  Practice really does make progress as there was no ripping this time and I think it has turned out fairly reasonably.

Thanks heaps for letting me join in all your fun everyone. I'm looking forward to the next one now.


  1. Wow! Your first try? Amazing! Well done!

  2. WOW! Very impressive. I hope my blocks come together just as nicely. I also get a tad anxious about getting points to meet etc. I personally love random, cut here sew there type quilting. BUt I am looking forward to the precision of this task and only hope that mine looks as nice as yours.

  3. Congratulations Anthea! You did a fantastic job! THANK YOU!! If you kept up with the blog at all last year, you may remember that precision has not been one of my quilting talents. By making 9 of these winter blocks, plus other monthly projects from our bee members, I can tell you it does get easier with practice. No one would have ever guessed that these were your first blocks ever! I'm excited for your success and glad that you are looking forward to next month.

  4. Hooray! You did it!! Your blocks look great and Jennifer is going to have a grand looking quilt. As you say Shauna, I too hope my points look just as nice :)

  5. Wow!! Good work Anthea! As a first-timer quilt joining this group last January, I completely understand those feelings of trepidation!! And I too pull my seams out here and there, but this group has really helped me practice the art of precision sewing. I hope my blocks look as good as yours!! Cheers and Welcome. Katy