Thursday, January 31, 2013

February is for SPIDERS!

My choice this month is the traditional Spiderweb! I love how bright modern fabrics make this traditional pattern look fresh and beautiful. My inspiration is this photo:

Photo from Sunny in Cal:

I love how her vibrant fabrics pop against each other, and that the white stars allow your eyes to rest. I cannot wait to see what you create!

I'm asking for two full squares, (they'll each have a four-pointed star in the middle.)

For the tutorial, I used one from alamode:
with some tweaks. (Some on purpose, some accidental!) Here are the changes:

HINT: When drawing the lines to start your strips, instead of measuring 6" from the bottom corner, I measured 3" from the top point down on each side. This way, if your triangles aren't perfect, it won't affect the size of the diamond that is exposed on your final square.

The second is that instead of having the lines go to the bottom of the triangle, mine go to the 1/4" mark as shown below.

 For the print fabrics, here are some guidelines:

Please don't choose fabrics with a lot of white in them (or black and white).
Modern fabrics over traditional fabrics.
I like bright and vibrant fabrics. Please don't use pastels (a couple here and there is okay).
Here are my samples.

For the white fabric, I used Kona Snow. You don't have to use the same fabric, but please choose a bright white. The variation in white fabrics will add some texture and depth.


Use a sharp, washable, light-colored writing utencil to make your marks on your  triangles.
Your strips do not have to be very long.
When you are pressing the triangles, just push down on your iron, don't pull or stretch the fabric.
Please don't have any fabrics touching as this creates a new kind of line, although it is fine if you repeat some of fabrics here and there. 

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!!!!


  1. Great choice of quilt Amy. I love bright and vibrant fabrics too. The overall look of this quilt is terrific and I am going to enjoy puting this block together.
    In the last line of the instructions you say 'don't have any fabrics touching as this creates a new line' Does this mean that the fabrics in one triange should avoid touching the same fabric in another triangle when they are sewn together to make the block? I can see how tricky this idea was to explain, it was tricky trying to formulate the question.

    Regards, Linsay.

  2. I haven't tried this block! It looks like a lot of fun! I believe that you mean to sew varying widths of strips so that no two strips from triangle to triangle line up when sewn together. Correct? I am hopeful that my sewing machine is returned to me soon so that I can get my sewing up-to-date!
    Amy (USA)

  3. Fun pattern! Looking forward to trying this out. Love the various sizes of strips allowing for creativity. Exciting :)

  4. Hi Ladies! Both Amy and Linday's suggestions are great. The matching fabrics is more important. It is okay if a couple of your seams match up here and there, but they aren't all supposed to match up.
    Thank you! I can't wait to see what you create.

  5. Are you asking for one full spider web block? and you want the four quadrants sewn together like your three sample blocks are? I made a Halloween fabric spiderweb quilt last fall--love this block!

  6. Hi Doris,
    Thanks for clarifying. I'm just asking for two individual squares, so half of a spider quadrant. I am making it a queen, however, so if you get in a groove and want to make more, please do!

  7. Oh, and please send them separately, not sewn together. I will play with the placement when I have all of them! To clarify, I show three squares- I am asking you sew two of those. Thanks!

  8. I'm excited to try this 'new' block. Amy, do all the fabrics need to be different, or can we repeat a fabric here and there?

  9. Wow Amy, what a groovy way to sew up some bright colours and patterns. I am looking forward to searching for some fun fabrics.

  10. Another new one for me, thanks Amy! This afternoon, I have started sorting through my scraps for the bright vibrant colors you have requested...always one of my favorite quilting tasks. I have a measuring question:
    You highlighted that you measured down 3" from the top point on each side of the white triangle. When you then went to draw your lines, did you go down an extra 1/4" as shown on the a la mode tutorial (as seen on photo number 9) or start your line right from the 3" mark?

  11. Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for all of your questions! First of all, Chris. It is fine to repeat fabrics here and there. If you do, try varying the width to add more variety. And Jennifer, I've addressed your question in the tutorial above, but in short, yes, I did mine incorrectly! I drew my line from the 3" marks to the 1/4" mark. It is probably best if we all do that so the star is the same size. I deleted the other tutorial as this one seems clear and with my corrections, it is better if we all follow the same one. Anyway, please let me know if you have any other questions!!

  12. A girl after my own heart!! I love bright contemporary fabrics and the pop against the white is beautiful! I have done my own spiderweb quilt so I know I'll find this easy going:) It's beautiful; can't wait to plan out your squares! xo Meg