Sunday, February 10, 2013

 Catching Up!!!

Hello from snowy Wellesley!  Friday was a snow day. Schools were closed and it snowed all day. Our backyard turned into a winter wonderland overnight :). We have had two afternoons filled with friends tobogganing, campfires, roasting hotdogs and skating on the pond. You can even catch a glimpse of my husband and son heading down the toboggan run in our backyard. I finally got around to taking photos of my blocks for the charity quilt. The block with the heart, looks very washed out in this photo - it actually has strong reds, blues and a splash of yellow. I have always wanted to try a pinwheel pattern. Next time I might use a different colour for each 'spoke' of the pinwheel.  Hopefully they will find their place in the charity quilt. Looking forward to seeing all our creations put together :)

I finished my blocks for Jennifer this weekend and love the outcome!  I was pleasantly surprised with myself. My points lined up and everything came together quite smoothly.  After spending the day shovelling pathways through our yard and making pathways with our toboggans, I came inside and sewed the first block entitled, "Pathways". Very fitting I thought :) The second block is called, "Amish Star". I choose this one to represent my Amish roots and also loved the pattern. I have always shyed away from doing triangles, but I must admit I found myself quite enjoying the process. Thanks for the challenge Jennifer. I hope these make a fine addition to your winter quilt :)


  1. Thanks so much Shauna! I really like what you did with the second block for me, the way the colors stand out from the white. Glad you got some practice with points and are feeling good about them...the same thing happened to me with the sample blocks I made for the winter quilt. The charity blocks will fit in perfectly with the rest. I'm putting that top together soon. Enjoy the snow!

  2. The snowflakes blocks look really sharp and fabulous Shauna. And what a perfect background. Enormous jealousy coming your way - it is stinking hot here in WA at the moment.

  3. Looking at the second block on the computer...I see a red circle and a grey X. It looks like an 'X and O" block. For valentines perhaps :)

  4. Shauna, what a beautiful winter wonderland! Did you hand applique the heart?

    1. Chris - I machine appliqued (the easy way) with a tight zig zag stitch so that it will not fray too much. :)