Monday, March 4, 2013

World wide web block

Here are my blocks which I sent to Amy on about the 22nd February.  The last time I tried to post photographs on the blog I couldn't do it so I have been putting off having another go.  This time has been successful but the flash only went off in one photo - oh well, sometimes you can't have everything.  I had a very nice time making these blocks.  I rediscovered the joy of my stash of small scraps.  Having seen everyone else's contribution to the quit I think the end result is going to be terrific.
I have ordered some additional blue fabrics for Meg's blocks and I'm itching to get started on that.  Great choice Meg.  This is a quilt pattern that benefits from having 11 extra pairs of hands to help out with.  I think if you made all those half square triangles yourself then you would end up seeing triangles in your sleep.


  1. Pretty blocks Linsay. They were fun weren't they. I really like the white on white pattern pattern in the middle of the right hand block - hope I can find something equally groovy for Meg's blocks.

  2. Linsay, you're sooooo right about needing extra hands for the Ocean Waves block!!! Before I made the block, I thought: well, this is quite straight-forward, I hope people aren't irritated with doing something so simple. Two hours later, my eyes were crossing as I lined those triangles up! Hope you're doing well:) I thought of peaceful, nice little Zephyr the other day -- while our new puppy was chewing a through a fat quarter that had slipped onto the floor without my seeing it! xxoo