Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Quilting

Hi Everyone! I  wanted to share a baby quilt top that I made this evening. It is using the pattern to one of our projects from last year...that's is Shauna's quilt!

I don't have to layer and quilt it, this is a project I am doing with my aunt who lives in Minneapolis. I just have to send her the top and she will finish everything for me. It will go to a charity event at her church. It was so fun to make this pattern again and experiment with new colors and fabrics.

Happy Weekend!


With fresh eyes on Saturday morning I decided to make all the borders from the same fabric (I ran out of the fabric that I used for the top and bottom in the photo above, so I had to improvise on the sides). I like all the borders the same much better. What do you think?


  1. I like it! Both and before the border changes. It is such a happy, bright quilt!

  2. You know Jennifer, I never even noticed the first version of the borders until you pointed it out - I think I was just impressed with those lovely vibrant circles. But deep down, I am with you, the same border is great - bolder somehow to match the rest of the quilt.
    And how lovely for it to be a combined project with your Aunt.