Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blocks for Meg and Amy .... better late than never?
I have had my blocks for Amy finished for quite sometime but I am just now getting around to posting a photo. I loved working with all the different colours of fabric for this block and really enjoyed the freedom of strip piecing. Special thanks to Katy for helping me get started and sharing her stash with me!

And now presenting, Meg's Ocean Waves blocks. I enjoyed learning how to do HST's. I think the finial project will look stunning. I feel that I have learned so much about precision piecing and how to pay special attention to how I iron my seams in order to aid matching up points. Notice the blue owl printed fabric in both Meg and Amy's blocks? A favourite fabric of mine that just keeps finding its place in different blocks! 

Looking forward to seeing both of these quilts put together. Thank you Amy and Meg! Shauna :)


  1. The Spider blocks and Ocean blocks look beautiful together! Yes, cute owl fabric and I also like the swirls and giant flower fabrics.

  2. They are both gorgeous Shauna. How lovely that a little bit of everyone's favourite fabric might end up in quilts all over the world.

  3. Your blocks look great. I have the lovely little owls in my quilt too and I think they are very sweet.

  4. Shauna, I love your blocks! I have a good friend in Sydney who makes a point of putting an animal in every quilt she's ever made and I've always thought to start doing that because I think it's such a cute idea. maybe I can start with your owls?! I'm just now beginning to put the blocks up on the design wall, so I'll post some photos when I receive yours and Katy's. Thanks again, they're just lovely:) Meg

  5. An animal is every quilt, now that's a sweet idea! I like your variety of fabrics Shauna :)