Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meg's blocks...a little late

So sorry for the delay in making and sending these blocks, Meg!! I have been a bit swamped this month with other things...my deepest apologies. After I got into the swing of things, I realised how much I enjoy the HST and this design. I love the layout and can't wait to see the full quilt top... Amy and I got together to split up the blues in our stashes for this project, so her blocks are similar fabrics to mine, but different layouts...
Made with love,


  1. Your blocks look lovely. Like you, I like to use a white with a white pattern on it for backgrounds, it seems to make the finished block more interesting and more lively. It is very nice to see the blocks hanging in your garden with the beautiful clean spring sky behind them.

  2. Beautiful Katy! And you beat me to it :) xo Shauna

  3. So pretty with the blue sky in the background...always a welcome sight!

  4. Oh yes Katy, I too love your washing line photo. Sets off your pretty blocks nicely. Meg is going to have one lovely quilt top.

  5. Hi Katy -- these are beautiful! I'm so glad you ended up using the very light blue. Somebody else (maybe Amy?!) used a similar fabric and after doing your value project, I realized that the light blue was adding the most interest to my quilt. Just now putting the blocks up on the design wall, so I will post photos when I received yours and Shauna's! xxoo and thank you again

  6. Lovely photo Katy! The concept of values is really making me think so much more about my choice of fabrics. Interesting to read Meg's comment above.