Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Linsay's blocks for Katy and tales from Scotland.

Like Anthea I feel that I haven't done enough.  I chose fabrics that I like and I think that they have turned out well but they don't look their best in the photograph.  I tried to take the photo outside because the sun has come out, at last.  There is a very slight breeze and the squares just kept leaping about the garden so I gave up on that idea.  I think you are going to have great fun making your value quilt.

I have just come back from Scotland where I was helping my brother, Innes, look after his kids who are 3, 5 and 7.  My other brother, Murray, was there too.  Murr had flown in from Perth, Australia the day before.  It was the first time that the three of us have been together since 2006.  We are close but geography keeps us apart.  Innes had a project which involved digging a big drainage ditch in the garden so the boys got on with that.  My girls and I were in charge of taking the kids to swimming lessons, cups of tea (extremely important in Scotland) and food.  We had a very happy week together.  When my brothers were young Murr had brown, curly hair and Innes had straight, fair hair but now that they are both bald they look identical.  My husband can't tell them apart.  You can see for yourself in this photo.
The workers taking a break with an essential cup of tea.

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  1. Ahh, tea. I love it too Linsay. I especially love having an afternoon to myself, sewing or knitting, and drinking tea.

    I also really like how you've paired your red dots with the leafy pink and the blue with that very lovely low value leafy acorn. That rural scene is a bit of fun too.