Monday, April 8, 2013

Anthea's HSTs for Katy's value quilt

Golly, I can't help feeling that I haven't done enough for you Katy. I have read and re-read your directions several times and think that I have done all you require, but please check in case I have completely gone off on the wrong track.

Sorting my favourite fabrics into value piles was fun, I certainly learnt something about what I've been collecting all this time.  The trickiest part was narrowing down which fabrics to use.  So given your very generous suggestion to select fabrics that speak to you, and then my challenge to match them with something that works, I have ended up with the above lot.

I know that you didn't ask for a colour spectrum Katy, but I feel that something is missing from my HSTs.  Perhaps I would be seeking out purples and stone/taupes if I did another HST for you.

One of my favourite low value fabrics is those little yellowish trees and I hope you can tolerate the high value I matched it with.  I am also worried that the paisley red is to orange-red for your liking Katy, but my love of paisley kept it in the "yes" pile.

I gave myself a problem trying to choose a low value fabric to make the medium value green retro floral number sing.  In the end Miss 8 walked past and instantly and boldly nominated the high value dots. Such confidence. And just like that, what was medium value on its own became low value when grouped.

Looking forwards to seeing your end result,


  1. Love your fabrics Anthea! Just out of curiosity I looked at your collection using the black and white window on my camera (no pressure intended!:-)) and your values are good contrasts to each other. It's easy for me to find light values but values that I think are mediums can sometimes be something else. Still learning and discovering!

  2. Anthea!
    This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for... see, it does feel like a gimme question on an exam, doesn't it? Too easy, maybe, but will really help flush out my colour spectrums in the final quilt, given that I know each Bee member gravitates to slightly different hues and shades and colours. SO thank you!! I'm delighted to see the first contribution to my value quilt...

    I'm still working on Meg's squares. They are all cut and all of my tiny HSTs are sewn together...just need to do the final sewing. We were house hunting all weekend in Ottawa...ugh. I will sit down with my sewing machine and finish my March 'to do' and send it off asap Meg!

    xo to all of you.