Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meg's waves

I, too, only had time to do squares. I cut the rest, so hopefully it'll be easy for you, Meg! Precision is soooo not my cup of tea, so part of me thinks she would do a better job anyway!! I do love how fresh and sharp the contrast between the blues and whites is. Very pretty!

Regarding my quilt, I've received all of my far flung squares, only waiting on the local peeps. No rush, ladies! I'm doing my first proper craft show in two weeks, so I'm madly sewing for that. If you're curious, here is a link to my website and the items I'm making for the show:

I'm hoping May will be the month to put together my spider quilt, just in time for Spring! Ours is slow coming this year...

Hope you ladies are all doing well!
xx Amy


  1. I think you did a great job Amy, those triangles all look pointy and the blues look super together.

  2. Your blocks look great Amy! Your white on white fabric is similar to the one I used. Thanks for sharing the link to your website, you have been BUSY!! I especially like the "accessories for grown-ups" section!

  3. Amy, I just got your blocks today...they're gorgeous! Really so excited to put this quilt together. Thanks again; and definitely post a photo when you get the spiderwebs up on the design wall -- can't wait to see it! xxoo Meg