Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amy(USA)'s Tree Block for Shauna

I had fun making this block! I had made a quilt using this type of tree, but couldn't find the pattern so I winged it! I used a triangle of fabric sandwiched between two rectangles of white and then flattened out the green and sewed it down with the trunk rectangle. It leaves folds on the sides of the trees that can be left "floating" or sewn down when quilting.

I think this is going to be a fantastic quilt! 
Amy (USA)


  1. They're beautiful Amy. Love that floral at the base of the bottom left tree and that green on green floral. Yummo

  2. What fresh and springlike trees Amy! I especially like the larger floral fabric with pink and red.

  3. Amy! I love your tree block! I was scrolling down our blog, showing a friend all the amazing tree blocks that people from our group have made and happened upon your LOVELY block!!! An unexpected surprise. Somehow I must have missed you posting this. SORRRY to not have commented sooner!!! I love how you created 4 different sized 'triangular' trees on the same block and came up with your own design. How wonderful!! THANK YOU!! I am so very excited to receive all these creative blocks and put them together :) Shauna :)