Friday, May 31, 2013

Anthea's trees for Shauna

Last day of May and I have finally completed this block for you Shauna. I'm feeling very nervous about showing you all and the photo is a bit fuzzy so I apologize for that.

I spent most of the month thinking about trees and how to distill them into something that would work.  Initially I was thinking of turning several flying geese into trees like one of the blocks you showed us Shauna, but then Miss 10 challenged me to try something else.

I also wanted to create something that was meaningful to me for you Shauna. I have several favourite eucalypts and they all have differing forms, but I narrowed it down to two of my absolute favourites from the arid woodlands of Western Australia (which should be listed as a World Heritage Area in my opinion): E. salubris (Gimlet) and E. salmonophloia (Salmon gum).

If you look from a distance, squint, and possibly cross your eyes, they have irregular blobs of foliage at the end of numerous slender branches that extend from multiple trunks in the case of the Gimlet and a single magnificent pinkish trunk of the Salmon gum. Up close the Gimlet's trunks and major branches are like a well muscled arm.

Thanks for the hot tip about using a glue stick Shauna. It certainly made zig-zagging around the blobs easier. I hope this block works for you.


  1. are an artist.
    I've only been to Australia once, but what I will never forget are those beautiful eucalyptus trees. They have the ability to evoke strong feelings... Wow...Shauna is going to have such a beautiful tree quilt... I'm SO glad you've joined our group!!!

  2. Hi Anthea, wonderful work!!! I love that you chose a favorite tree from your part of the world to create. It is beautiful and a bit of Australia for Shauna's quilt. Hooray for your daughter pushing you forward!
    I'm so excited to see your lovely sister Chris next week. Wish you could be here too!

  3. When I logged in an saw this block I immediately thought, 'Wow, a gum tree!' That was before I had read a word of your post. You have really captured the essence of the gum. Beautiful.

  4. Magnificent!!!! Thank you Anthea! Your interpretation of this beautiful eucalyptus is outstanding. You are an artist my dear! I feel honoured to receive such a thoughtful, meaningful and unique tree block. I am so very glad that your daughter encouraged you to 'branch out' of your comfort zone to try something new!!!!! I believe soooooo deeply in letting our inner artists out, risk taking, and having a go! I have never seen a eucalyptus in person but when I logged on and saw your block I knew right away! I love the smell of eucalyptus oil too. Thank you for creating a tree block filled with meaning. And most of all thank you for sharing your feelings too. Makes this BEAUTIFUL block all the more meaningful!! xo Shauna