Friday, May 31, 2013

Meg's Block for Shauna

Hi Everybody, hope you're all well and off to a good start for the summer:)

Here's my tree block for Shauna, made using my wedge ruler:

Oops, well as the computer would have it, this is obviously not Shauna's tree, but a preview of my design wall with a nearly completed 'Ocean Waves'!  I'm soooo happy with it:)  This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago and I've since finished the blocks which, thanks so much to those who sent extra HSTs, now extend one additional row.  I am very close to deciding FOR SURE that I don't want a border.  I love the simplicity of the quilt design, and I think a border would detract, but I'm still open to others' opinions.  One thing that isn't easy to appreciate from this photo is the wonderful scrappy look that I think you can only get if lots of other eyes have chosen the fabrics.  Thank you so much for your contributions -- I'll cherish this quilt for years to come:)

All right, another go at Shauna's tree:

Voila! However, I'll admit to a little insecurity over my tree.  I was so very happy with it while I was making it and now seeing the others, I hope I haven't made a mistake by forgoing more traditional appliqué or a look that I love -- the triangular shaped tree.  The pattern is from my good friend Sarah Fielke and the bird fabric and the green stripe is from her fabric collection...much sentimental value here.  The original pattern had a couple of appliqued pears on the ground near the tree, but....oh, I hope Sarah isn't accessing this blog...I thought the pears were out of proportion to the tree and frankly wouldn't grow on this kind of tree anyway.  That's probably why she's making the big bucks as an author and designer and I'm copying her work!!  Anyway, I hope it works well in the finished quilt, which I think will be beautiful and unique:)

Finally, Shauna, keep an eye out for a small extra package from me... found something too good to pass up as a little gift for you!  xxoo Meg


  1. Your two kissing birds are a great bit of fun Meg. I love it. How clever you are - that marvelously deco palm tree (to my eyes) looks like it would have been awfully tricky to make.

    I love your ocean waves quilt top and am secretly really envious of you. It does look gorgeous made scrappy and your 'ping' of oranges and reds adds something really special.

  2. Hi Meg, what a fun block and I think you should have no insecurity about it at all, not one little bit! It adds just one more element of variety and beauty to Shauna's quilt. The kissing birds are happily carrying on while getting some interesting looks from the other birds.
    Your design wall is wonderful! I see that even before Katy's value project we were all doing a good job thinking about value for this one! I agree, I would not put a border on it either.
    Just on a side note, last weekend I finished two school quilts for a charity project. I was so appreciative to have all of the fabric already cut, thanks to you! That bag of scraps is slowly becoming smaller.
    Happy June everyone! It is still snowing in mountains here and days and days of rain in Lausanne! Highs still only in the high 40s!

  3. The Ocean Wave quilt looks brilliant and how nice to be able to work on it using your lovely design wall. I agree with Anthea, the addition of the orange area is a great idea and it really works perfectly here. I really love the use contrasting colours, as you know.

  4. I love the Ocean Waves quilt! And your block is awesome! All the tree blocks are oing to look amazing!

  5. NO MISTAKE AT ALL !!!!!!!!!! I love this triangular tree :). I was wanting this project to be very personal. For people to express their artistic selves. I am so very glad that you stuck to your passion and what you loved and did not sway when you saw others posts. I think it is so very important for us to be true to ourselves. And LOOK at the BEAUTY that is created!!! I will treasure this block all the more because of the feelings you shared, the risk you took and the fabrics you choose that hold sentimental value to you. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    AND - I am glad that your 'computer choose' to share the photo of the 'ocean waves' in process. Very impressive! I love the "splash" of orange :)