Thursday, June 6, 2013

A note from Stephanie (a.k.a. The flakey one) from America.....

Hello Ladies, I would just like to say how much fun this group is. I have really been forced out of my comfort zone and I LOVE it! I would like to apologize for not having my blocks for April and May done yet. We moved into a new home in February. My sister bought our old one so I was slow to pack up my sewing room. I finally packed it up in April. We are within a week of having my new one finished. YAE!!  Carpet goes in Monday and heating and air on Tuesday! I will post pictures. It is going to be gorgeous! Anyway, I have had my sewing machine out but all my fabric is packed. If you can be patient with me a little while longer I will get caught up as soon as I can. Happy sewing!

Stephanie (USA... Iowa)


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of your new sewing room! This group is so wonderful! After our move last summer, everyone was super understanding!
    Amy (USA)

  2. Great to hear from you!!! And take your time :) I want to see photos of your sewing area too. Cheers Shauna

  3. Hi Stephanie, congratulations on your new home! Please don't feel bad -- I got so far behind last year during our move to Canada that Jennifer had to bail me out and sew THREE of my blocks. As far as I know, the recipients were gracious and grateful. (Probably helps that Jennifer is a great quilter with a marvellous sense of color and design!) Anyway, best of luck....can't wait to see the photos of the new space! xo Meg

  4. Hi Stephanie, Good to hear from you and glad you know that you are enjoying our nice little group. I think we are all busy beyond belief most of the time and to throw a move on top of it all...we completely understand! As the others have said, looking forward to seeing your sewing space!
    PS: Meg, Thanks for the compliments, I was happy to help out last summer!