Friday, May 31, 2013

Amy's (Canada) Tree Block for Shauna

The Waterloo Region chapter of the International Stashes had the pleasure of meeting up this week at Shauna's house. We were given a tour of her amazing backyard with a glass of wine in hand. Perfection! As we sat down to chat, we all mentioned we were thinking of incorporating circles into Shauna's tree blocks, as we all know that is another favorite of hers. I felt drawn to blues, for some reason. Perhaps because due to my lap quilt, I have more blues in my stash? Anyway, I included owls so that Jennifer's owls would have company. I hope you like it, Shauna!


  1. What a gorgeous block Amy. Those circles are fabulous and make a delightful grove of trees. And aren't those owls just the thing.

  2. Amy, those owls are so funny! I can just imagine the conversation that is going on between all the birds in this tree quilt, there is such a variety of them, each with their own personalities. I wish there was some way to line them all up on the blog and be able to add speech bubbles to them...yes, the first grade teacher in me is showing! Great idea for a grove, love your block! I wish the rest of us could have joined you at Shauna's. I am excited because next Saturday our lovely bee member and friend Chris will be here with her family from Australia. Chris and I will meet up one evening with Linsay.

    1. Jennifer - I love this idea of lining up all the birds in this tree quilt and adding a conversation with speech bubbles - 'birds from around the world'. How very creative. I too have thought that it would be fun to meet in person someday. Or to have our quilts make a showing in the future. What a wonderful display they would make together. You will have to post photos of your gathering with Chris and Linsay. xo Shauna

  3. The circles are a great idea and give a beautiful overall effect. The variety in the tree quilt is great. Lucky Shauna!

  4. So cute!! I love the way the circles overlap for a '3D' , forest effect, and I think the blue trees will add a real pop amidst a lot of more traditional tree colours:) Really, I just can't wait to see the finished quilt! xo Meg

  5. I love your block! The owls are adorable!
    Amy (USA)

  6. AMY!!!! I love your circle trees!!! And the blue - BEAUTIFUL!! There is a magical feel to your creation. These trees would make for great illustrations in a children's book. When driving in our car to our cottage this past month, Megan LOVED looking out the window watching different trees 'BURST' with leaves and blossoms. She was in awe. She made up names for different trees - 'green lolly pop', 'purple cherry', 'gum ball' - to name a few. Your trees remind me of her creative spirt and the 'magic' we witness each and every spring. THANK YOU AMY!!! LOVE :)