Thursday, June 20, 2013

Micaela's Square for Linsay

Hi all,

I've made a mid-year resolution to post here more often - so here is my square for Linsay! The lighting is darkish because I took the picture at 10:30 last night when I finished it.  Shauna shared her polkadots with me, and my centre square owls come from this great online fabric store called Kallisti Quilts. She imports fabric from Japan and from several countries in Africa, and I just love it.  I also have some of these owls in red and pink.
I hope this square works for you Linsay - my iron seems to be giving up the ghost so I think my seams aren't pressed as wide open as they could be.


  1. Cute owls Micaela. They do add life and that little something extra to a block don't they.

  2. Hi Micaela,Good to hear from you! Those are cute owls and I like them next to the blue plaid. Thanks for sharing the address for the new fabric store. I am going to go visit it now!

  3. Thanks! Yes, I'm glad they worked out. I'd love to hear if you end up getting anything from her store - I'm always interested to see what people choose :)