Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Block for Linsay

I found this a fun block to make, so much so, I made it twice! 

You see, I'm typically an "add on a strip of the correct width, and trim down to correct length after piecing kind of gal...", but, I followed the directions to a "T" carefully cutting each piece, chain piecing together, pressing each seam as I went, and when I finished, it was 12".  NOT 12.5"!  Apparently my 1/4" seam allowance was just slightly too wide and ate up and entire 1/2" in the seams!

So, I'm also a "hate to waste fabric kind of gal", I very carefully picked out every seam except for the first two seams, pressed the fabric pieces again and reassembled it.  12.5" -- perfectly square!

Next time I'll know better.  

The fussy cut center is from this fabric that I refer to as sassy girls (it's little dancing, playing, daydreaming little girls with kitty cats).  And they show some serious sass -- which just makes me smile.  This little gals was one of the few I could fit into the 2.5" fussy cut.  And the outer border is one of my fave Dear Stella fabrics in a pinkish red shade - love it!  This quilt promises to be awesome...

July is my month, I have less than a week to move beyond "wavering daily on a block choice" and getting a post up! 


  1. Hi Doris, Oh no! I can't believe that you unpicked everything and started again. Thank you very much for your dedication. I love the little centre square, she is really cute. I am looking forward to all these great blocks arriving in the post. It is going to be fun putting this one together.

    My cushions sold at the school auction for 100 swiss francs each ($109) and they were both bought by the music teacher and his girlfriend. They say that the cushions look terrific on their sofa.

    1. That's awesome! Nice when handcrafted goods can be appreciated for their true value!

  2. Cute little girl, Doris! I also really like the red Dear Stella fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us in July!

  3. That little girl adds a lot of fun to this block Doris. And how dedicated and patient are you with all that un-picking. Good luck with the block decision, I can completely relate to your wavering.