Friday, July 5, 2013

Amy's (Canada) square

Hi Ladies,
So, here are my squares for Doris. I have to admit, I found this really really challenging! The fabric selection was so hard for me. I think I did better with the one on the left. I was trying to choose Doris's favorite designers, avoid brown (hard for me!) and I think I lost sight of the need for contrast. Anyway, I hope these are okay, Doris!


  1. I think they are great Amy. I really love that cherry blossom on blue fabric of the lefthand plus sign. And you are right, the contrast of the x with the background makes the left block really striking, I think it came together wonderfully. A good piece of advice for those of us still to sew.
    Gosh, I'm still thinking about fabrics and needing to get shopping for some background material.

  2. Nice work, Amy! The block on the left does have more contrast, but the one on the right will fit right in too. The center is so vivid! Thanks for the heads up though, I started looking at my fabrics today. I still have some nice grays left over from Shauna's circles last year.

  3. Both are wonderful, the House detail in the right block is awesome!