Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catching up - Micaela's May tree for Shauna

I just completed Shauna's tree last night - luckily she is very forgiving with timing :)

Here it is: I also couldn't resist adding some tiny owls!

I was inspired by Shauna's love of circles and also the fall colours at my parents' cottage - this is an oak just behind the cottage.

We also found out some sad tree-related news when we arrived here last week. The big white pine that we see as we look out towards the lake came down in a storm a few weeks ago. We will miss it.
Here it is in its glory:

I'm also looking forward to working on Doris' blocks - I promise I won't be late on those ones :)


  1. What creative work Micaela! I love the idea of your overlapping circles.

  2. Wow, that's such a great tree Micaela. I agree with Chris, those circles are very clever

  3. So glad that you are posting again, Micaela! That was such a great idea to cut the centers out of your circles and overlap them. Sorry to hear about the wonderful pine tree falling down.

  4. Great tree block, I really like the Autumn colors...

  5. Outstanding work Micaela! I feel very honoured to have one of your first art pieces in my quilt. THANK YOU. LOVE shauna :)