Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chris' blocks for Doris

I enjoyed creating these for you Doris and hope they're to your liking. Always fun to add to my stash and now I have some text fabrics. I agree with "Badskirt" that cutting on the bias gives the strongest impact for the cross but seemed to find it tricky to avoid stretching some of my lighter fabrics. It's going to be great to see your quilt come together Doris.


  1. They have turned out well Chris, I like the orange and pink theme. Have fun with them Doris

  2. Love 'em! I received Linsay's in the mail yesterday--such fun to get happy mail! I did some bias piecing myself today, and I agree the stretch can be maddening...

    Thanks, Chris!

  3. Beautiful work, Chris. I love your text fabric, especially the fussy cut of the word "color." I'm going to get started on mine today. Look for another post coming soon!