Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cross Quilt Block

...with shades of pink and hints of citron and teal green.

Hello everyone,
I have chosen a simple Cross Quilt design for the month of August. I am drawn to the simplicity of the pattern, the use of colour value and the fun in finding the ‘twin’ blocks. This quilt has been my inspiration for both the design and choice of colours.

Georgia's Plus Quilt Front

What to make?
I’m asking for two 12” blocks (finished size) using only two fabrics of contrasting value. One will be the inverse (or twin) of the other.

A detailed tutorial for this block has been created by Elizabeth Hartman. Please follow this tutorial with a few variations:

1)  Make a straight cross block NOT wonky. However you decide on the thickness and position of the crosses.

2)  Please make your twin (inverse) block with the same size cross and in the same position.

3)  Create 12” finished blocks rather than 8”.

4)  I prefer to iron my seams together not open but please do what you’re comfortable with.

Here is my first attempt:

Here are some other Cross Quilts where the crosses are of varying widths and positions within each block.

Please select two fabrics of contrasting value that you love/that speak to you.

Fabric 1 - Floral, botanical or geometric fabric in predominantly pink (any shade of pink!). All pink or pink with citron, teal green or white/cream would be lovely. Pink with other colours in small amounts as seen in the examples below would be fine too.

Fabric 2 – Pink solid (or a pink ‘solid’ with a small to medium size print) of contrasting value to Fabric 1.

Here’s my selection of fabrics so far:

For the backing, I’m thinking I would like to incorporate these citron and teal green fabrics, along with some of the pink crosses. I’m planning on creating an improv patchwork design.

I like this design:

Georgia's Plus Quilt Back 

I hope you will enjoy this simple and relaxed block, and have fun choosing your fabrics to make a pair. If you are busy, away, travelling etc please know that I’m in no hurry and will happily receive your blocks when they ready.

Oh and please email me with any questions you may have.

Many thanks,



  1. Oh, this will be an lovely quilt, Chris! You're taking it easy on us, I think. ;-)

  2. Hi Chris, Happy Swiss National Day! I'm looking forward to choosing my fabrics, I especially love the color pink and don't use it very often in my quilting. I really like the second example of this quilt in blues and greens, all of the slight variations of the crosses make it an interesting piece. Thanks for posting another fun project for us to start thinking about!

  3. Chris,
    I can't begin to describe how excited I am to pick out the perfect pinks for your quilt... I love pink... I also love the design and can't wait to see the final product. Your quilt design choices really speak to me. Last year's was fun and creative and the final product was calm and visually interesting all in the same breath.

    We are finally in our new house in Ottawa, and my sewing corner is slowly taking shape. I will definitely be sewing this one and sending it off in the next month or so... I owe Shauna her tree block still... But I can feel my sewing steam starting up again now that we're done with the move!