Monday, August 5, 2013

Just for You...From Me

Dear Quilting Friends,

My mother is here visiting. We have been working on my January International Stashes project and I will post the beautiful results soon. Also related to quilting...this morning after breakfast we decided to watch a DVD that has been laying on a shelf for months but never even opened:
It is a wonderful DVD with so many good thoughts and reflections of why we quilt and what amazing things quilters are capable of creating. Although the word "America" is in the title, this DVD speaks to any quilter around the world.

I liked this DVD so much that I decided I wanted each of you to have a copy. Arriving soon in your mailbox from Amazon will be your own copy! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have seen it.

If by chance you already have this DVD feel free to pass it on to another quilter...she will hopefully be inspired too. Katy and Stephanie if each of you will please send me your new address, your copy will be quickly in the mail too.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and finding some time to quilt!



  1. You are such a generous person my friend! What a treat to receive this DVD in the mail :) Thank you!!

  2. Thanks so much! Jennifer you are so thoughtful!

  3. So thoughtful, Jennifer. I think I have seen part of this on PBS, but watching the entire DVD will be a welcome diversion from our house repairs/cleaning! My hubby enjoys these programs as well. THANKS!

  4. How very generous of you Jennifer. Thank you so very much

  5. Wow!!! are so generous!!!! I can't wait to get mine in the mail :)