Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amy's (USA) blocks for Chris

These were sent with Doris' blocks a while back, but I am just now getting a chance to post about them! I enjoyed making these blocks....although I fell prey to a measuring error...I measured once and ended up cutting twice instead of "measure twice, cut once!" Oops! The first blocks were 1/2 inch too small. ugh. My first attempt (picture below) then became a cute pillow that my daughter put together for a friend's birthday gift! So after finding more fabric, I was able to make the blocks the right size! 

I also completed a commissioned quilt this month. It is for the son of a good friend. When he was born, they lived on Route 66-a historical highway that runs across the country. She asked for a large lap quilt with the Route 66 theme because his room is decorated that way. I had fun coming up with a design, locating fabrics and putting it together! He is thrilled with it-yay!

Now I have to figure out what block I want to use for October! 
Amy (USA)


  1. They are great Amy! Thank you!! A loving balance of pinks are coming through and your small scale print will add another dimension too.
    That's a fun road/Route 66 design, bravo!

  2. Hi Amy, Cute pillow! It was lucky for your daughter's friend (and more good sewing practice for your daughter). That is such a bold design on the Route 66 quilt. I'm impressed that you came up with the design, perfect for the road theme!

  3. Amy, this is so cute!