Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chris's blocks from Linsay

These blocks were fun and quick to make and I think the final quilt will be lovely.  I always love pink fabrics.  I have to come to terms with the fact that I am more girly than I like to admit.  The photograph makes them look very vibrant.  They are not this strong in real life.

I loved Katy's photo of the quilt covered car and I thought I would share something similar.  Calum and I went to a tiny village in the Swiss Alps which was having a flower show last weekend.  It was a strange flower show because all the plants were displayed as collages which were then position along the tiny main street of the village.  In addition there were lots of things covered in knitting.  Table, chairs and a letter box; lampposts; and even a whole chalet.  I loved it but Calum thought it was all a bit weird.

 The main street
 There were rose petals in the water fountain.
 So pretty, and mad.

 Look at all that knitting!

Bbq lunch right beside the knitted chalet. Great fun.


  1. Gosh Linsay, what a fabulous little Swiss village and creative flower show! I particularly love the knitted chalet :) Thank you so much for your blocks. They will fit beautifully amongst the others. I can't wait to scatter them all over my living room floor and come up with the quilt design. Merci encore!

  2. Hi Linsay, If you hadn't said I would have thought those pieces covering the chalet were made of fabric. They are so bright and that dark brown wood sets them off perfectly. I wish I had known about this little show. Which village was it in?
    PS: Your blocks are bright an pretty too!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    The little village is called Feschel. You drive down the A9 into Vallais and once you reach Sierre you head north up tiny, scary, twisty roads. I saw it '20minutes' and said to Calum, 'We've got to there.' I think it was only there for the weekend but I imagine it will be back next year. You wouldn't do all that knitting and only use it once.