Saturday, September 14, 2013

Katy's twin blocks, take two sorry for not reading the directions first blocks weren't really twins, so here are some pink flower twins for your August quilt.

I found the flower print at a thrift shop in New Hamburg a year or two ago, no doubt coming from one of the mennonite quilters in the region. I hope they fit in with the rest of your pretty blocks. I'll drop them in the mail now! Now on to Shauna's much-belated tree block and the September block... I have my sewing mojo back.


  1. Oh Katy, thank you. You really didn't need to make another set :) Yesterday I arranged all the blocks I've received so far on my living room floor. They look fabulous altogether. Today I'm off to a quilting lady's studio to work on my red, white and aqua quilt from last year. Nothing like a day's retreat in the Hills! xx

  2. Love this fabric too Katy. I tried to make a second set of blocks for Chris and they were not perfect twins either. I sent them on anyway and hopefully they will blend in with the others (or be good scraps for Chris for a future project)! Would love to see your tree block, when you have it done please post again.