Saturday, October 12, 2013

Phew, here's a weight off my mind

Don't worry Amy, I have made progress on your Christmas block and have the HST's all trimmed.  But I did need to finish the charity blocks first as they were laid out on my cutting mat!

My starting point was the bright green tree fabric.  And I liked these Winged Squares that I found on this blog (during quiet time) and around Pinterest.  So I thought I'd experiment and combine them.   I have made a couple of errors by sewing two of the scrappy HST's of the same colour right next to each other and was too lazy to unpick them.

I have decided that the one's I made are really too busy in reality.  I think it is the flecked fabric I used as the background - it doesn't disappear enough.  Also the tree pattern in the middle doesn't really work as a bi-colour central square that during quiet time's blocks use very effectively.

Oh well, lesson learned.  I hope you can slot them into the charity quilt Jennifer.


  1. Those blocks are lovely, Anthea. Your colour choices are great and from the photo the background looks as if it works really well.

  2. Look at you making up your own block pattern! Great job, Anthea. They will fit in perfectly with the others. They are colorful and fresh. Thank you!

  3. Well you know, I like the brightness of your blocks Anthea, especially that fleck fabric.