Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Catching up!

Finally made Stephanie's September blocks this week:

Lots of Kaffe fabrics in there for you, this is going to be a fun and vibrant quilt!
And this one took a little more time, but what a fabulous Christmas quilt your parents are going to receive! Amy, I'll bring it to MQG next week...

Now, off to get started on Halloween costumes!

Happy October,



  1. Both are such rich and vibrant pieces, Doris. It's fun to see Amy's block made up a second time and I especially like those three striped pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it Doris! Thank you! I love the stripes and the Christmas lights!

  3. Amy, those Christmas lights are some of my faves (I have another colorway too! And the stripes are Dr. Seuss so I hesitated putting them in there, but I think they work.

    Stephanie, I took this pic at night, seems the colors are kind of crazy here. It really is pretty and not so "psychedelic" as it appears here. I'll get them in the mail tomorrow!

  4. I agree with Jennifer Doris. Such vibrancy to both of those blocks, it would be great to see them in the flesh.