Monday, October 28, 2013

Shauna's tree block...

I have been trying to squeeze Shauna's tree block in on my off hours, but I always felt a bit cautious about starting..and then finishing...the tree. I wanted it to be perfect. I've known Shauna since highschool, and trees have rooted our friendship in so many wonderful ways. The tree is such a symbol of beauty, strength, art, wisdom, spirit, fun, reflection and hope. Much like Shauna...

I started this block three times...I redid the last attempt entirely, and at that point didn't have a white piece of cotton big enough, so found a white pillowcase that was ready to be recycled and here is Shauna's tree....on recycled cotton, which also makes me think of Shauna.

I know the block was due in the late spring, but...I think its design speaks nicely to the last rays of fall that we are holding on to here. I know it snowed near Shauna's house on the weekend, so winter is just around the corner. And I can imagine this tree in the winter, barren but for the owl sitting there.

love you Shauna...I'll mail it off tomorrow.



  1. It's lovely Katy. The autumnal leaves are fun and the owl is a cute touch.

  2. Hi Katy, I loved reading your post. What a nice tribute to Shauna in so many ways. The little owl and ladybugs are so cute. Once again, I can't wait to see this quilt when it is finished.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Thank you Katy! I have tears in my eyes. Beautiful words and a beautiful tree!! A truly one of a kind gift from the heart and I love that it is on a recycled pillow case :) Love and miss you too. Shauna. I can hardly wait to hold this tree in person. xo