Monday, October 28, 2013

Katy is catching up...

I think our move is still slowing catching up to me...coupled with new schools for my kids and a hectic work schedule this fall, renovating our new house, etc etc., well...I have precious few hours to sew each month, so I apologize for being behind on my quilting 'i owe you's...

Stephanie, I had fun with this block pattern. Mostly, I loved rediscovering fabrics in my odds n ends bags. It reminded me a lot of Amy's spider web quilt from last year... I can't wait to see the final product. I'll drop this in the mail tomorrow.

I am now focusing on getting Shauna's tree quilt done...and have all my fabrics picked out for Amy's October block - eesh, that's a lot of HSTs!!!

I have a fun block in mind for the charity quilt and will get that off in the mail before December arrives, Jennifer.

And now to finish the Halloween costumes! Both boys want to be Skylander characters... Hot Head and Shroom Boom. Eeps!! I did discover my new favourite online fabric store while hunting for the perfect fabric...simple pleasures.


  1. Yes, I agree Katy, this block is a lot like the spider web block. Your version is marvellously cheerful and I am sure it will slot right into Stephanie's quilt.

  2. Such a bright and pretty block, Katy! It's fun to see a piece from my mom's stash in there...the wavy one in the bottom left corner. And for the costumes...I would not have a clue where to start with making those wild characters. Thanks for sharing the link. I have heard of this store before, now I will go and take a look.