Sunday, October 27, 2013

To Amy, from Linsay

I thought that this photo looked alright when I took it but now that I have uploaded it, it seems very out of focus.  Although I am not happy with the photo, I am very happy with the block.  There is a lot of sewing in this block and I loved doing every stitch.  We are all fast becoming experts in half-square-triangles.  I found some good Christmas style fabrics.  One of the greens has golden musical notes which feel Christmasy, one of the reds has little holly leaves on it and one of the whites has Christmas greetings in lots of languages.  The words have been chopped up rather a lot so there are only fragments of words left but the Christmas spirit is still in there.
I will put it in the post tomorrow to give you time to finish it all before Christmas.


  1. I love it Linsay! Thanks so much!

  2. Lovely work Linsay. It looks terrifically festive - I think those dark greens set off the reds really well.

  3. As always, beautiful work Linsay. You have a very nice value contrast between reds and greens and I like the gold accents. I also like the placement of the red plaids and red and white polka dots that they are not symmetrical.